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Beth Jeans Houghton (Rex Features via AP)

It’s remarkably good to be Beth Jeans Houghton these days. Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose, her debut album with alt-folk band The Hooves of Destiny, is a smashing critical success. “All the whimsy in the world (try saying her band’s name out loud without a wince) can’t distract from the straight-up gorgeousness of Beth Jeans Houghton’s unorthodox folk,” The Guardian‘s Hermione Hoby.

The Brit List’s Asha Leo caught up with Beth and her bandmate Blazey in London for a video interview. Here it is, broken up in parts. First, Beth talks a bit about her meteoric rise:

Next, Beth chats a bit about the band’s critical acclaim and its influence on them:

Also: Beth once wrote a song while on the toilet?

More from Blazey about the band’s songwriting process:

A bit on how the band creates their music videos:

And here’s a look at the Hooves of Destiny’s video for “Sweet Tooth Bird”:

And finally, what do Beth and Blazey want fans to experience with the Hooves of Destiny’s music?

Are you a Hooves of Destiny fan? Tell us below:

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