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Some ideas are so simple it takes a genius to figure them out.

In May 2007, Jono Stevens had the idea of taking a musician or musical act, hailing a London black cab, putting them in the back and filming them performing a song, while driving around the city, then whacking the results up on YouTube. So, with the help of friends Gen Stevens, Chris Pattinson, Jonny Madderson and Will Evans, this is what he did. The results proved to be remarkably popular amongst touring musicians, music fans, and even 90% of cab drivers, and before too long, the Black Cab Sessions were a palpable hit.

They had performances from all manner of acts, from Mumford and Sons to Brian Wilson, from Fleet Foxes to Richard Thompson. All of the performances are collected on BCS’s YouTube channel and they’re all worth a watch.

Now the idea has gone truly internationl, with British TV’s Channel 4 getting in on the action, and sending a black cab across America, to pick up a few performers for a new series, Black Cab Sessions USA.

The format is the same, the performances are subject to the same limitations, but the location is entirely different. Here’s a trailer for the show:

Find out more, and watch some of the amazing performances, at

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By Fraser McAlpine