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A good theme song, as with any well crafted tune, is strong enough to withstand any amount of fiddling and interference from the bedroom Mozarts of the world. And as we all know, the Doctor Who theme is the best TV theme song in the history of history itself. So, here are ten very different remixes and re-modelings of this iconic tune.

They are all, in their own way, delightful. No really!

The Metal Version:
Kicking things off in fine style, it’s hard to beat ‘s effort for sheer excitement.

The Squitty Space-rock Version:
It’s entirely fitting that this kosmische version of the most cosmic theme tune ever should exist, and look, synthlovers, that’s a Mini Moog is using there!

The Dubstep Version:
Hats off to for taking out almost everything, and yet retaining the full eeriness of the original.

The Sega Megadrive 8-Bit Version:
Yes, ,very nice, but isn’t it kind of like the ’80s theme anyway? Charming as all getout though:

The Mario Paint Version:
I honestly couldn’t choose between the last version and this one, by .

The Rave Version:
This is exactly what the theme would have sounded like if the show had continued on to 1992/3. Breakbeats, police siren synths and some cheeky samples. Well done, , you’ve just proven the existance of a parallel world:

The A Capella Version:
No, , this isn’t terrifying at all. *hides behind sofa*

The Techno Version:
Something a little classy here, in that almost appears to have forgotten to bring the melody along, until suddenly it’s there.

The Renaissance Version:
OH COME ON THIS IS GENIUS! I’d say hats off to but if anything is required to complete that outfit, it’s a hat. So, y’know, hats ON…

The Drum ‘n’ Bass Version:
(the boys from Slinfold school in West Sussex) score extra points for going to the low B in the melody, after the opening refrain. So many people assume it’s a high B (depending on the key), but the original clearly swoops right down low. Shame they left out the middle bit though:

And to finish, here’s one that is slightly less-than-great.

The Off-Key Thrash Version:
Oh imagine how wonderful  ‘s rock-out would be if the guitarists could all hear each other! *Swoon*

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By Fraser McAlpine