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Blur's logo on the Brits stage

See this? This was the stage at the Brit Awards earlier today, as the assembled technicians attempted to set up Blur’s enormous logo, through which Damon Albarn will very probably leap at some point tonight. It’s a scene which somehow captures the building excitement around tonight’s ceremony (and Blur’s Outstanding Contribution trophy, capping things off) and yet also brings to mind the Stonehenge moment in This Is Spinal Tap.

Anyway the good news is we’ll be live-tweeting the Brits as they happen. I’ll be your guide through all the awards, the ‘who’s won what? The ‘what was he thinking?’ The ‘why is she wearing THAT?’ And the all-important ‘why did anyone thing THIS was a good idea?’

Join me @anglophenia from 3pm ET.

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By Fraser McAlpine