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I know, I know, for a program that’s been running on and off for the past 50 years, keeping up with the entirety of Doctor Who is a tall order. But there is a way for you to get a sense of the order in which everything took place at least, without having to necessarily plow through every single adventure since 1963.

The YouTube channel Babelcolour has put together a video compilation which takes a snippet from every single story, including specially-filmed prequels and trailers and comedy specials, and weaves it into a compelling ten-minute whole. And rather than just cherry pick the best bits, they’ve gone to the trouble of arranging them in date order. You’ll see Daleks roll along Westminster Bridge, Cybermen changing just as radically as the Doctor himself, black and white giving way to color, special effects improve, companions come and go, spin-offs, the whole darn shooting match.

That’s the scale of the thing you’ve signed up for. Impressive, isn’t it? (Found via Buzzfeed.)

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By Fraser McAlpine