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Let’s take a journey into the past. The recent past, the past where the internet is still a hot new concern and not something which is so intricately woven into all of our lives that we could not consider a world in which it does not exist. Back in the early naughties, the BBC’s Doctor Who website decided to make a nifty little widget which used samples from the different versions of the theme music there had been to date, allowing their readers to mix different assets together. They called it the Radiophon-A-Tron, after the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the department whose job it was to come up with astonishing music and sound effects for BBC shows, and who’d written not only the Doctor Who theme (for which medals should have been awarded) but also the TARDIS sound effect too.

The reason I’m telling you this is that it’s still online, and just because it is always fun to take apart the key noises in a tune as singular as the Doctor Who theme. Or themes, as it turns out. Heck, they’ve even got that shrieking noise which was used to punctuate the cliffhangers at the end of every episode. To people of a certain age (*waves*), there is nothing more terrifying.

So, should you want to have a stab at making your own theme out of the bits of these old themes (with the usual caveats about copyright), well now you have the tools to do so. Have at it!

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By Fraser McAlpine