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Prince Harry says that he doesn’t think the Queen would be able to perform her public responsibilities without Prince Philip by her side.

“I don’t think that she could do it without him, especially when they’re both at this age,” said Harry about his grandparents in an interview for a three-part television documentary, The Diamond Queen, which begins airing on BBC One in Britain next week.

Prince Harry made the remarks before Prince Philip, 90, spent four nights in a hospital at Christmas for the treatment of a blocked coronary artery.

Harry spoke with the BBC’s Andrew Marr, the documentary’s correspondent, who wrote a piece about it for this week’s Radio Times magazine.

Marr said that the Queen’s grandson admired “her ability to turn up, still smiling, at places she might not want to be” and Marr said the young prince attributed the Queen’s strength in part to the support of the Duke of Edinburgh’s presence and companionship.

That support is paramount, said Harry, “regardless of whether my grandfather seems to be doing his own thing, sort of wandering off like a fish down the river.”

Marr also interviewed Prince William, who said the Queen has “carved” out a path between “private and public duty.”

“I think she doesn’t care for celebrity,” William said, “and she really minds about having privacy in general.” (via BBC News)

In other royal-related interview news:

• There’s reportedly an intense battle going on over who gets the first TV interview with Pippa Middleton.

According to The Mirror, it’s Barbara Walters vs. Oprah Winfrey.

The paper reported on Sunday that the bidding war between the two has reached £450,000 for the exclusive with the sister of the wife of the future King of England. Oprah is reported to have told her staff to “pull out all the stops.”

On Monday, however, Walters said that ABC News does not pay for interviews, although she added that she would very much like to do a sitdown with Pippa. (via The Huffington Post)

• We saw in The Washington Post that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown gave an interview to the Australian morning show, Sunrise, in which she suggested the Diamond Jubilee might be an occasion for another reunion of the girl group.

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By Paul Hechinger