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Russell T Davies is creating a new children’s show that the BBC is billing as “Doctor Who meets Harry Potter,” io9 reports. The multi-genre series is titled Aliens vs Wizards and will reportedly be staffed by much of the crew from The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who spinoff halted by the death of star Elisabeth Sladen. Sounds absolutely magical!

As for the rest of the Who-related gubbins, let’s begin with a test. Watch this video, which is fan-made, and is the first compilation to attempt to address Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary with any real sense of scale. If you can watch it without at least one shiver of excitement down your spine, it’s just possible you’re not really a Whovian:

How did we do? Shivers intact? Let’s press on with the news:

Caroline Skinner is the new executive producer of Doctor Who. This past Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe was her first credit on the show, but Doctor Who fans can see more of her work on BBC America’s new Supernatural Saturday drama, The Fades. She spoke with io9 about The Fades and the future of Doctor Who under her watch: “I’m thrilled and slightly daunted at the scale of what we’re achieving in the next series. We’re not too far away from starting shooting, and I think it’s going to be the biggest series ever.”

For a glimpse of Skinner’s work on The Fades, here’s a trailer. It airs Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

• Congratulations are due to Blink’s very own Sally Sparrow, Carey Mulligan, for her BAFTA Film Awards nomination. She’s up for a gong in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in Drive. Want to see who else is nominated?

• Speaking of awards, the very first BBC Audio Drama awards takes place on January 29, and it’ll be hosted by David Tennant. David is also up for a trophy, having been nominated for his role in Kafka: The Musical.

The BBC has announced this year’s Script-to-Screen competition, giving British schoolchildren aged 9 to 11 the chance the pen their own Doctor Who mini-episode. (Winners get to meet the show’s stars, visit the set, and see their creations come to life.) For 2012, participants are asked to write a timely “Olympic-themed adventure” for the Doctor.

• Madame de Pompadour is on Twitter? Well, actually her portrayer is: actress Sophia Myles has joined the Twitterverse. Follow her at @SophiaMyles.

• Did you know that John Simm, a.k.a. The Master, is also on Twitter? Indeed he is. Follow him here.

• This is a great DVD extra released to the web: Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, interviewed in 1993, talking about driving the Whomobile from the 1974 episode “Invasion of the Dinosaurs.” Apparently, he took the futuristic vehicle to Britain’s roadways, resulting in him being pulled over by some bemused cops. Well, let’s let Pertwee tell the story. It’s an extra from the newly released “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” DVD, released by the great BBCClassicDoctorWho YouTube channel.

• Also from BBCClassicDoctorWho: Philip Hinchcliffe, Doctor Who producer from 1974 to 1977, being interviewed by his daughter, BBC Sports presenter Celina Hinchcliffe, on life after the show. His first post-Who assignment was the “brutish, violent” cop drama, Target, which survived one year.

• This week’s companions post is a rather sad thought about the last moments of the Doctor’s relationship with River Song. Have a read, but have a hanky to hand too.

• And finally, TARDIS Newsroom alerts us to this video showing the construction of a 157,000 piece, life-sized model of a Dalek, which will make an appearance at Toy Fair. “The bright red Dalek measuring nearly 2 meters has been made in celebration of the Character Building Doctor Who range of micro figures and construction playsets that were first unveiled this time last year,” writes Character Online. It took four people and 328 man hours to build, and you can see all of that in this time-lapse clip below.

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