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We’ve witnessed myriad references to Doctor Who on American television this past year – on Community, Grey’s Anatomy, Free Agents, Criminal Minds, and Supernatural, just to name a few of the series that have name-checked the Time Lord.

But few TV shows have stoked the Whovian flame more than the nerdy Big Bang Theory, featuring the king of all fictional Whovians, Sheldon Cooper. The hit series most recently referenced the series in last Thursday’s episode. Hands raised – how many of you have spent a date night with the Doctor?

• Congratulations to Matt Smith for his win at Britain’s National Television Awards – sort of the UK version of the People’s Choice – for Best Male Dramatic Performance. He’s getting quite experienced at this whole gongsnatching thing:

• And equal congrats to Karen Gillan for taking home a matching trophy for Best Female Dramatic Performance.

• Backstage, after winning his award, Matt Smith quite eloquently addressed the news that Karen and Arthur Darvill would be leaving the series.

• Whovians continue to top themselves with these YouTube collaborations. It is almost as if video uploading was made for the Doctor Who fan in mind. Here,  as a perfect example, is The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra’s rendition of Murray Gold’s “Rose’s Theme/Doomsday”, from the heartbreaking Doomsday story:

• This is quite good as well: the Cantabile Orchestra specializes in performing songs from TV and film soundtracks, and here they are doing the “Geronimo!” suite from the Doctor Who OST, consisting of “The Tenth Doctor Theme,” “Abigail’s Song,” and “The Eleventh Doctor Theme.”

• We do admire a Herculean task, especially one related to Doctor Who, so hats off, one and all, to the blogger Siskoid, who is attempting to write a review of every single Doctor Who episode ever. He’s got as far as #70 so far, and we can only hope he makes it all the way to the end. Follow and applaud!

• Here’s the illustrated version, in brief. Every Doctor Who story, since the beginning:

• This week’s companions are Ben and Polly, who were the first humans ever to witness a Time Lord regeneration.

• And while we’re blowing our own trumpet, here’s a little report into the actors who’ve appeared in Doctor Who as more than one character, including some very familiar faces.

• We’ve seen S*** Jewish Mothers Say, Sh** New Yorkers say…now there’s Sh** Doctor Who fans say. We’ve finally hit the big time, folks. Allons-y.

• And while we’re at it, how about Sh** Daleks Say? I think you might be able to predict the content of this video, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

• Check this out – if you’re riding the rails in the New York area, you might find one of these BBC America banners around. Via the Doctor Who Tumblr:

And to finish, let’s just pause a moment to ask the question that’s been bothering fans of quality British drama for at least the past year. Who would win in a chess match between the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes?

Once you’ve decided, click this link, and let the Guardian tell you what they’ve deduced.

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