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The results are in! During the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we asked you to answer a different Doctor Who-related question every day to enter to win prizes. After reading through thousands of fantastic entries, our judges have chosen the best responses to each question, and now we are happy to present the winners of the “12 Days of Who” Giveaways.

Without further ado, here are the winning entries…

On Day, 1 We Asked… “If you could control the TARDIS for one day, where would you take it and why?”

And The Winner Is… Jessica Sparks!

“Ok, this is hard. I’m tempted to either do the outrageous things or the really amazing things… wait… I would be with the Doctor. I will do them both!

“First, I would go back to 1838 in Paris when Daguerre takes his famous “Boulevard du Temple” photograph and get the Doctor to pose with me in it 🙂 I could pretend to shine his shoes (if you know about the photograph you would get that, so google:)

“Second, I would go to the future when someone finally invents a real life light saber and get one. Then precede to track down the Daleks and have a good old fashioned duel 🙂

“Third, I would let the Doctor take me wherever he wants to go. He has picked pretty good places in the past:)”

Congratulations! You’ve won a disappearing TARDIS mug!

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By Sharon Stimpfle