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In honor of Chris Hardwick‘s latest Nerdist special, The Nerdist: Year in Review, which will air Saturday night, Christmas Eve, December 24th at 9/8c on BBC America, I, the editor of, am here at Anglophenia to offer our consensus Top Five Nerdist Podcasts of the Year. As I mentioned Monday, I enlisted our listeners to help out, because it’s holiday time and I’m lazy… er, because I wanted the list to reflect popular sentiment. Sure, that sounds reasonable.

In any event, the Number Four podcast got there in large part because the guest is very, very familiar with Mr. Hardwick. In fact, the two of them go back a long, long way. Wil Wheaton, he of Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory fame, author, raconteur, and overall smart guy, was Chris’ roommate at UCLA, and Episode 63 of the podcast included the kind of stories that old friends tell about each other. You’ll see how Wil and Chris play off each other on Saturday’s TV show — Wil’s one of the guests, along with Nathan Fillion, Simon Pegg, Kumail Nanjiani, and David Tennant — but this episode is worth hearing because Wil and Chris just go really well together.

“The very best episodes of the show (to me) are conversational, and this episode plays out like two old friends just catching up. Beautiful, hilarious, touching: the entirety of Nerdist all rolled into one.” — Dylan

“The stories Wil and Chris share are hilarious and adorable. After listening to it, I just really wanted to hang out with them.” — Virginia

“The whole thing is hilarious from beginning to end, the story about Stand by Me playing over and over again is something I’ve thought about from time to time, just a ridiculous fun time on the Nerdist.” — Will

“That podcast was just plain fun. Two guys talking about the Good Ol’ Days.” — Mike Holihan

“Chris and Wil are a comedy duo all on their own and the stories that progress their friendship from adolescence to adulthood are priceless.” — Samantha

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Number Four Nerdist Podcast of 2011 is Episode 63: Wil Wheaton. Listen to it, then see them on your TV on Christmas Eve on BBC America.


Tomorrow: Wil makes another apperarance with some very familiar folks on our Number Three Nerdist Podcast of 2011.  You should be here for it.

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By Perry Michael Simon