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Peter Sagal, host of 'Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!'


ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: If Anglophenia had a radio presence, we imagine it might sound something like a combination of the BBC (obviously) and National Public Radio, a sort of transatlantic sensibility tempered by a transcontinental sense of humor. Which is why we’re so excited about tomorrow night – BBC America teaming up with NPR to produce a first-ever television version of the radio news quiz show Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!


ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: And speaking of waiting, the wait is almost over.

ANGLOPHENIA HOST #2: But not quite. You still have to wait until the premiere, tomorrow, Friday, December 23 at 8p/7c.

ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: That’s why I said “almost.”

ANGLOPHENIA HOST #2: You know, just because we’re using the gimmick of a mock radio transcript here, doesn’t mean this should be like Burns and Allen.

ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: Don’t worry, it isn’t.


ANGLOPHENIA HOST #2: So, let’s get down to some predictions. We have a caller on the line to play this round. Hello, what’s your name?

CALLER: It doesn’t really matter. I’m totally made up. I don’t exist.


CALLER: But I predict that to accompany the online behind-the-scenes videos about the making of the show you’ve already posted, you’ll also have an online video in which Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! panelists make amusing predictions about the 2012 London Olympics.

ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: Right you are, we’ll be hearing from Nick Hancock and Alonzo Bodden. Here they are:




ANGLOPHENIA HOST #2: And for correctly predicting our video clip, you win a personalized message from Carl Kasell for your phone answering machine.


CALLER: Couldn’t I get one from Karen Gillan?

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By Paul Hechinger