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We all know how this game works, as soon as we’ve nailed down the top five British viral videos of 2011, another one will come along, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, and blow them all out of the water. So, let’s just say this is A top five, it’s to add to the Nerdist Week pile, and that it’s infinitely amendable.

Themes for this year include: edutainment, embarrassing public displays of affection, and shouting for your naughty dog.

5: Buttery Biscuit Base

A simple idea, executed brilliantly. Gregg Wallace and John Torode, the two blokey presenters of the BBC TV show Masterchef, edited to some banging techno. Oh but what sublime editing!

4: Hurricane Bawbag

If we could offer one piece of advice to any prospective viral video makers out there, it would be this. HOLD YOUR PHONE HORIZONTALLY WHEN YOU’RE FILMING. Nevertheless, this clip, taken in Scotland while a hurricane lashed down, is amazing.

3: Beatbox Nativity

Once you get past the whole “er… are we still doing this?” of the thing, having someone explain the story of the Nativity in rhyme is actually pretty cute. At least he doesn’t end it by folding his arms, sneering and bellowing “WORD!”

2: Lovely Day

A self-explanatory one, this. And we don’t want to spoil it if you’ve not seen it. Suffice to say there’s a bit of flashmobbing, and that means some startled onlookers, and then a nice thing happens at the end.

1: “FENTON!”

The wave of internet approval for this little clip, in which a furious dog owner chases after his errant pup, was so strong it could even withstand a moment of hot debate, as viewers argued over whether the correct name for the dog is Benton or Fenton. The latter appears to be correct, so when you’re making your parodies for YouTube, that’s the metatag for the meme’s maximum SEO.

Here’s our favorite spoof so far:

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By Fraser McAlpine