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Camilla and Kate at the Horse Guards Parade in London in June. (Rex Features/AP Images)


It’s been a spectacular year for the British monarchy from a public standpoint, but it also appears, as far as outsiders can tell, that it’s been an incredibly successful year for the personal lives of royals as well.

Not only is the family’s famous dysfunction nowhere to be seen, but as all the generations grow up and into the modern world, they seem to be comfortable with themselves — and with each other – at least to all outward appearances.

For example, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have bonded with her in-laws so well that they’ve invited her to move in with them. Concerned that she might be lonely when William is deployed to the Falklands next year, Charles and Camilla have extended an invitation to Catherine to come and live with them at St. James’s Palace.

A “royal insider” was quoted by The Star as saying: “Catherine gets on well with the in-laws, especially Camilla, who is another ‘outsider’ who has been accepted into the Royal Family.”

Charles and Camilla have already invited Kate and Will to spend New Year’s Eve with them at their Birkhall estate in Scotland. (via Female First)

In other news related to the royal family:

• Kate is apparently even getting lots of fashion tips from Camilla, who reportedly recommended her own hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Camilla has been a big influence on Kate – more than people realize,” a source told The Daily Mail. The paper said that at the time of her wedding, Kate was considering wearing flowers until the Duchess of Cornwall pointed out that a tiara would be more appropriate.

• Familial good feeling has apparently been extended even to Mike Tindall, who’s been invited to spend his first Christmas with the royal family at the Queen’s Sandringham estate. As you’ll recall, Tindall got into some tabloid trouble in New Zealand when he was there competing in the world rugby championships. Tindall, however, will not join the pheasant hunting on Boxing Day. (via The Daily Mail)

• And finally, in case you missed Saturday Night Live last weekend, here’s a comedic view of the royal family, with a visit from Katy Perry as Pippa Middleton:

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By Paul Hechinger