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Camilla, Kate, Charles and William at the Royal Albert Hall, Dec. 6 (Rex Features/AP Images)

Watching the royal attendance Tuesday night at the Royal Albert Hall, you have to think that Take That singer Gary Barlow must have wondered who were the true pop stars of the evening.

Prince William and his dad Prince Charles took their wives on a double date to the concert, which was a benefit for the Prince’s Trust and the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Kate-watchers made much of the Duchess’s tulip-print mini-dress – “thighly desirable” punned The Sun in its headline – so desirable, in fact, that the £69 ($108) off-the-rack Zara design sold out almost immediately in stores and online.

“It was slightly racy for Kate,” said ABC News’ royal correspondent Katie Nicholl. “At points she did look like she was trying to push the hemline down.”

ABC News also said Kate’s posture in the Zara dress fanned pregnancy rumors once again: “When not adjusting her dress, Middleton held a black clutch in front of her stomach at all times while posing for pictures with William, Prince Charles and Camilla, setting off a renewed round of speculation that she’s with child.”

Before the show, in a videotaped meet-and-greet with the royal couples, Barlow told Prince William, “I hope you enjoy tonight, and I hope it’s not too loud.”

“The louder the better,” William replied. “The louder the better.”

And speaking of loud, there was an extremely loud standing ovation for the two couples as they entered the royal box, as you’ll see part way into this video, courtesy of The Telegraph:

Watching the four royals during the singing of “God Save the Queen” in the Telegraph’s video raised some questions for us. We know that the Queen is supposed to remain silent while everyone else sings the national anthem, but is there a convention for other royals? Because Charles and Camilla didn’t appear to be singing – well, Camilla looked like she might have mouthed a few of the words – while William appeared to be singing from the early on. Only towards the end did Kate appear to join him.


Does anyone know whether there are conventions for royals about singing “God Save the Queen”?


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By Paul Hechinger