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Looking back at the year in Who, which moments leap to the fore as the funniest, the most tear-jerking, or simply the most awe-inspiring? We asked that question to our highly Whovian readership, and as we sifted through the responses, a few choices kept popping up, which we’ve included in our year-end Doctor Who poll. We’ll reveal the top 5 vote-getters next week!

Vote for your favorite out of these eleven moments from Season Six – the poll closes Tuesday, December 20 at 11:59 pm ET:

If you need a refresher for any of the above moments, we have clips of each one below.

“The legs, the nose, and Mrs. Robinson” from “The Impossible Astronaut”

Rory punches Hitler in “Let’s Kill Hitler”:

The Doctor says goodbye to Amy at the end of “The God Complex”:

River Song’s identity is revealed in “A Good Man Goes to War”:

Rory’s “Where. Is. My. WIFE?” demand to the Cybermen in “A Good Man Goes to War”

Melody Pond regenerates into River Song in “Let’s Kill Hitler.”

River Song quote of the century: “I was on my way to this gay, gypsy, bar mitzvah for the disabled when I suddenly thought “Gosh, the Third Reich’s a bit rubbish, I think I’ll kill The Fuhrer.”

Idris bites the Doctor and says, “Biting is excellent. It’s like kissing only there’s a winner.”

Amy’s monologue about Rory in “The Girl Who Waited”:

The Doctor talks to Stormageddon in “Closing Time”:

The Wedding of River Song:

• Meanwhile, have you watched the prequel to the new Christmas special, Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe? No? Well here it is:

• From the Doctor Who Tumblr: Steven Moffat has done an introduction to the Christmas special: “The Doctor at Christmas – it always just feels so right. When I was a kid, Santa and the Doctor somehow lived in the same place in my head – two generous madmen that I loved so much. So now that the Doctor is a regular feature of Christmas the world is just that bit more right.”

• The late Elisabeth Sladen was one of the most tweeted-about actresses of the year, and quite right too. (Radio Times)

This week’s companion is Turlough, who was recruited by the Black Guardian to do the Fifth Doctor in, only to be won round, and end his time in the TARDIS as a hero.

• Oh and in case you missed it, those two missing Doctor Who episodes are explained in detail on the Radio Times site. We have a clip of one of them too.

• Speaking of the lost episodes, SFX has an interview with Anneke Wills, who played Polly, the Doctor’s companion, in the unearthed Patrick Troughton episode The Underwater Menace. She’s delighted with the find, of course: “Isn’t that just wonderful? It’s wonderful to be a part of it. And the most exciting thing is that this is the earliest of [Patrick Troughton] that we’ve got.

“It means we have two episodes of ‘The Underwater Menace’ now, so it might be brought out on DVD, which would be wonderful. What I’m very happy about is that it includes the bit which I’ve always wanted to see, where I say ‘You’re not turning me into a fish!’”

And she’s a confirmed Whovian too: “I recently read a very lovely quote from Matt Smith – ‘What makes a good Doctor? Patrick Troughton.’ And I thought that was lovely.”

And seeing as we’re all still giddy from the find, why not end on another clip, this time from the William Hartnell episode Air Lock, from the story Galaxy 4.

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