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Polls are strange things: you ask a bunch of people the same question, and gather together the most common answers. Does that mean you can extrapolate outwards to make a sweeping generalisation like in the headline above this very blog post?

Well, no, clearly not. And yet, when YouGov conducted a poll of 2,024 adults, asking them which celebrity or public figure would be an ideal modern day Snow White (for pantomime purposes, not to act as a housekeeper to diamond-mining little people), they came back with a joint first place which effectively sums up 2011’s biggest news stories.

Pippa Middleton and Emma Watson managed to get 14% of the vote each, with Pippa’s sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, only one percentage point behind, and Cheryl Cole one point behind her.

Ironically, the Duke of Cambridge won the vote to play Prince Charming to his own sister-in-law, sharing his crown with the former pop star Peter Andre (seriously, don’t ask), who both scored 13% in their category, with Prince Harry also lagging behind by one point.

Naturally the role of panto villain was taken by Simon Cowell (27%), who scored nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival, Katie Price (15%).

Although it’s a weird poll, because the villain in Snow White is a queen who looks in the mirror every day to check she’s the most important beauty in the land. How anyone got from that to Simon Cowell is a mystery.

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By Fraser McAlpine