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See this? It’s a picture from the set of the Doctor Who Christmas Special (full details here), it’s been released today, and it’s got hearts and minds racing, trying to figure out what is going on.

Now, we’ve subjected the image to microscopic analysis, chemical tests and dusted it for fingerprints, and we think, using our data, that we can confidently predict the following:

At some point the Doctor has to run away from some fire, in a tunnel, while shooting a green light at a thing. It might be his sonic screwdriver, it may not. It’s far to early to say at this stage.

I know, we’re like CSI: Doctor Who around here…

Incidentally, if you want to Who-up your desktop, you can download a whole host of new Doctor Who Twitter icons and wallpaper from the BBC America Doctor Who site.

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By Fraser McAlpine