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Prince Harry in front of his Apache helicopter, April 17, 2011 ( Rex Features via AP Images)

With all the talk of Prince Harry’s military training trip to the U.S. this month, perhaps you’ve wondered exactly when he’s getting here.

The reason you don’t know the Prince’s arrival date is that it’s a military secret. And we’ll see if it’s as well kept as the designer of Kate’s wedding dress.

CNN reports that Prince Harry will be whisked to his training base with no public fanfare. The press and public will learn about it only afterwards, via a military press release.

When Harry gets here, he will train first at the El Centro naval base, about 110 miles east of San Diego. One of the base’s claims to fame is that much of the movie Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise, was shot there.

While he’s there, Harry will participate in Exercise Crimson Eagle, a series of military simulations in which live weapons will be fired.

If you want to know when you’ll actually see Harry, that’s only likely to happen — if it happens at all— during breaks from training. There’s already been anticipation expressed about possible trips to Las Vegas with his comrades.

The one place you won’t get to see Harry is in Mexico – even if the border is just minutes away from the base. Mexico is off-limits to both American and British servicemen at El Centro.

In other royal-related news:

• Gwyneth Paltrow invited her old friend Cameron Diaz to the re-opening of the exclusive Arts Club in Mayfair the other night. And they hobnobbed with the club’s royal patron, the Duke of Edinburgh, who, remarked the Telegraph, “looked every inch the lounge lizard.”

Paltrow reportedly sang the original version of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You,” which was a big hit for her on Glee. But the original version is a little bit different, replacing the word “forget” with another f-word that may not be spoken as often in royal company.

“Before she sang it,” one person who was there told the Telegraph,” she said to the Duke: ‘I hope you don’t mind the lyrics – don’t tell the Queen!’”

We don’t know what he told the Queen, but the Duke is said to have enjoyed himself at dinner with the two American actresses,and he stayed to hear all of Paltrow’s performance.

• Things didn’t go so smoothly for two princesses from different countries at Paris Fashion Week. Talk about cattiness on the catwalk.

England’s Princess Beatrice and Thailand’s Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana were both in the front row of one of the fashion shows. When the 24-year-old Thai princess got up and walked over to introduce herself, one of the members of Beatrice’s security detail is reported to have told her, “She don’t want to meet no princesses. She’s sitting here, not getting up.” Princess Sirivannavari was overheard saying in response: “Is that the sort of Princess you’ve got?”

Was the runway show not big enough for two princesses? Is there some deep-seated animosity between these two individuals or their families? Was it just a case of a rude and incompetent security officer? Or is something else going on here? (via the Telegraph)

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By Paul Hechinger