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As we continue counting down the days to the debut of The Nerdist TV show on BBC America on Saturday, September 24th at 10/9c, it’s time to pick the second Nerdist Podcast That Shook the World, another key moment in Nerdist Podcast history. For this pick, I consulted with Chris Hardwick himself for a suggestion that especially resonated with him. His pick: Nerdist Podcast number 13, featuring special guests The Muppets.

Yes, on the episode that posted on April 27, 2010, Chris interviewed the Muppets. The actual Muppets. When he posted the podcast, Chris said that “chatting with them may have been the single greatest moment of my life.” And, indeed, IT WAS AWESOME. Is there anyone who WOULDN’T want to interview the Muppets? It should be noted that while the uninitiated to nerd culture might think that the Muppets don’t count in that category, they do. Oh, how they count. The Nerdist audience is very, very into the Muppets, and every piece we’ve written about them at has generated great response, because the Muppets are a part of everyone’s youth, and because the Muppets really do rule.

At the time, the Muppet version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” had gone viral, and Chris had posted the video at Nerdist, leading up to this episode; it includes all your favorites in a roundtable interview, and Chris actually asks Fozzie about his joke development process (turns out that Fozzie gets his jokes from a guy named Gags Beasley) and gets to the bottom of the rumors of Kermit‘s alleged date with Jennifer Aniston. Sadly, though, Chris’ James Lipton impression falls flat with Fozzie. By this time, some more of the elements of the podcast are in place — for one, the theme song, “Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues” by Anamanaguchi, opens the show — but the highlight is Chris just conducting a low-key, candid interview with some of the most beloved characters on Earth.

Enjoy, please, Chris Hardwick and the Muppets in Episode 13 of the Nerdist Podcast:

Listen to the podcast (.mp3)

Tomorrow: Cataclysmic podcast number three…

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By Perry Michael Simon