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Prince Charles lays a wreath on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at Grovesnor Square, London (Rex Features)

Prince Charles observed the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, honoring the families of those killed and adding some very personal remarks about the assassination of his uncle in 1979.

Speaking in London’s Grosvenor Square September 11 Memorial Garden, Charles told family members that “for so many of those left behind it must be an eternity, a continuing awful agony that has to be endured day by day.”

The Prince referred to his own personal agony after the killing of his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, by the IRA over 30 years ago, saying that he understood how “wounds never really heal.”

“At the time I remember feeling intense anger, even hatred of those who could even contemplate doing such a thing,” the Prince said. But he added that as he began to reflect, he realized “that all the greatest wisdom that has come down to us over the ages” warns against vengeance.

Charles referred specifically to Abraham Lincoln, who, he said, “once spoke of having wasted valuable hours imagining revenge. He spoke of the practical importance of a forgiving spirit to dissipate anger and resentment.”

“I can’t help feeling he was right,” Charles said of America’s 16th president, “for is it not strange that although that dreadful act of violence was meant to divide us, it has actually drawn us together, one person to another, one community to another, as it has today.”

Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prime Minister David Cameron laid wreaths at the memorial.  You can watch video, courtesy of The Telegraph:

In other royal related news:

• Prince Harry also observed the September 11th anniversary, by making the largest ever single trade in the currency market. Each year, the financial firm BGC Partners, spends an entire day raising money for charity. BCG’s Cantor Fitzgerald arm lost 658 employees in the 2001 attacks. Harry worked the phones and swung the historic 18 billion euro ($24.6 billion) deal, with the commission being donated to charitable causes. The previous record of 17 billion euros had been set by Harry’s brother, Prince William.

Other royals, like Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson were on hand as well, as were celebrities, like Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, London Mayor Boris Johnson and model Eva Herzigova, who said: “Harry told me he was nervous making the deals, but he looked very much at ease.” Harry also ran into his ex-girlfriend Natalie Pinkham, but the Express said he was “the perfect gentleman” and planted a friendly kiss on the BBC presenter’s cheek.

• Even with all his charity work and military training, Prince Harry is reportedly catching some flak from a certain new relative. Now magazine reports that Harry’s brother’s sister-in-law thought his drunken plunge into a nightclub pool in Croatia last week was conduct unbecoming. A “source” told the magazine that “Pippa texted him to suggest that he starts acting ‘less like a teenage chav, more like a real man’.” (By the way, “chav” can be loosely translated as someone who is cheesy, tacky and lower class.)

• Pippa was the subject of some criticism herself over the weekend. A number of observers said she grabbed the limelight at another wedding. Her friends Jake French and Rosie Laing got hitched in Scotland Saturday, and Pippa, being British and royally connected and all, showed up in a purple fascinator. If the fashion police handed out tickets, she would have gotten one to go with her parking citation from last week. Prince Charles was there, as were Camilla and her son Tom Parker Bowles, who was best man, but, writes The Huffington Post, “it was a royal sister who stole the show with the bizarre purple fascinator. Part sea urchin, part frilly cabbage, the hat left us scratching out heads (out of confusion, but also because it looks sort of uncomfortable).”

• While the public only has a few more weeks to visit Buckingham Palace, British TV viewers can take a television documentary tour of the official state residence. Part one of The Queen’s Palaces is airing tonight on BBC One, and it focuses on the architecture and history of the monarch’s London domicile. Presenter Fiona Bruce shows how the palace emerged from a “swampy backwater” over three centuries. Among the little known facts: apparently, James I tried to use the gardens as a silk farm, and the grounds have hosted camels and elephants. Here’s a short video clip:

• Gaudeamus igitur! (Or, “let’s party!”) Princess Beatrice, 23, graduated from college on Friday, and her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, were royally pleased. Fergie even tweeted: “Beatrice graduating today from Goldsmiths… So proud of her achievement. As all mothers/parents are, well done… All graduates.” However, sister Eugenie did not attend the ceremony.

We don’t know how much partying she Beatrice will do, but it sounds like she’s preparing to enter the family business. Last week in a statement, Buckingham Palace said Beatrice will embark on a number of internships “to develop her experience, particularly in business and philanthropy” to “complement her position as a member of the Royal Family.” (via The Daily Mail and US)

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By Paul Hechinger