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The Beatles' Music Matters Video

The Beatles do suit animation, don’t they? From the early ’60s Beatles cartoons to Yellow Submarine to their Rock Band game, the four of them, all looking different and yet somehow the same, sit well in a stop motion environment. As a medium it manages to relay our best feelings about them as people and a band, leaving behind a lot of the cultural baggage which can get in the way.

That’s clearly why the Music Matters campaign, a drive to get people to value music enough to pay for it, have used animation in all of their campaign videos, and why their latest, starring the Fab Four, is probably their best.

Whether it stops one single person from downloading the band’s back catalogue for free is another matter of course. Maybe they should’ve gone with some more pointed musical choices, like “You Can’t Do That” or “You Never Give Me Your Money.”

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By Fraser McAlpine