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For Pippa Middleton fans, the wait is just about over. In a few short hours, the documentary Crazy about Pippa airs on the cable television channel TLC.

“There is no question that everyone in the world is crazy about Pippa Middleton,” TLC’s general manager Amy Winter told USA Today. “We went through a number of different titles. This one captured the tone of the show. It’s very much how our audience feels.”

It seems to be how everyone feels, since Pippa’s popularity (Pippularity?) became global on the day of her sister’s wedding.

“There was almost a gasp across the world,” royal watcher Ashley Pearson said in the documentary. Pearson says everyone wanted to know the same thing: “Who’s that girl?”

Now, Pippa is number 35 on USA Today’s Celebrity Heat index, beating out Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow and George Clooney.

Here’s a promo for tonight’s documentary, which airs at 9pm ET on TLC:

In other royal-related news:

• Prince Harry says the Queen will fully support him if he is sent to Afghanistan after he finishes his Army helicopter training next year. Speaking to the BBC’s Frank Gardner during a recent trip to the North Pole for a documentary, Harry said that both his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother approve of his military responsibilities.  “She understands more than anybody else that I’m serving my country and that’s what I chose to do and that’s what William chose to do as well, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.” And if it means that he and his brother won’t be able to attend certain royal events, like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, “So be it,” he said. “While we’re doing military service we may or may not be seen doing public engagements as much as the rest of the family but we’ve got a job to do.” (via The Telegraph)

• Speaking of the Diamond Jubilee, it’s obviously very early, but the riots in London, writes USA Today, have already prompted “fears that London’s tourist image could take a nosedive less than a year before the Summer Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.” VisitBritain has temporarily pulled an online video ad campaign with the tagline “You’re Invited,” but the tourism agency stresses that it could re-launch the campaign quickly and easily.


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By Paul Hechinger