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Zara Phillips launching her new clothing line.

Zara Phillips says her wedding was “amazing,” but she and her new husband Mike Tindall simply don’t have time for a honeymoon.

“Unfortunately both of us do have quite busy lives so it’s going to have to wait a bit for a honeymoon, but it is quite nice to go back to work as well,” said Phillips, who, breaking with royal tradition, will be keeping her maiden name. “We’re kind of missing the quiet period where we can catch up and have some sleep. It’s back to work, and that’s what we do.”

So Zara was toiling away yesterday, because she launched a new line of children’s equestrian clothing today. Later in the week, she’ll be competing in horse trials herself at Gatcombe Park. (via The Mirror)

In other royal related news:

• Meanwhile, husband Mike Tindall had to return to rugby training – the world cup is next month. Tindall told the Evening Standard that he’s more focused than ever. “I’ve always had the ability to focus on what I’m doing,” he said. “Hundreds of boys get married and then come into work after the weekend. I know there was a little bit more going on around ours than normal, but it’s the same with preparing for games.”

• Right now, the royal family may be flying high, but three of the most popular royals took advantage of some low airfares to get home from Zara Phillips’ wedding. Kate, William and Harry all chose to take budget airlines rather than private jets. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew the British airline Flybe from Edinburgh to Manchester, a one-hour flight, whose fare starts at £37.99 ($61.90). Prince Harry took an EasyJet flight to London, for which fares start at £26 ($42). (via The Daily Mail)

• Windsor Castle’s famous round tower reopened yesterday after being off limits to the public for nearly 40 years. It was closed in 1975 for major construction work, and part of it was made into offices for the Royal Archives. The stone tower was built by Henry II in 1170, replacing a wooden structure that was part of the castle built by William the Conqueror. It was significantly remodeled in the 1820s by George IV. (via The Telegraph)

• This one’s on me, Prince Harry could have said. Literally. After attending Zara’s wedding, the Prince took in a performance of Gogol Bordello at the Womad music festival in Wiltshire, where lead singer Eugene Hütz grabbed a bottle of red wine and splashed the audience with it. Harry was sitting in the front row. “Sadly for Harry,” said one audience member, “the plonk [translation: cheap wine] made a beeline directly for his pale outfit and went all over him.”  (via The Metro)

• Balloon artist Thelma Levett was so blown away by Kate Middleton’s wedding dress that she made a replica of it for her daughter — using 5000 balloons. It took four days to inflate. “My daughter Vicky loves wearing it,” Levett said, “although she won’t wear it outside as she’s terrified that someone will pop the dress with a pin and leave her embarrassed.” (via The Daily Mail)

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By Paul Hechinger