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Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' last night

The News International phone hacking scandal has offered a parade of villains: unscrupulous journalists, spineless editors, sleazy private eyes, and corrupt law enforcement officials.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, however, has found something to admire in the whole mess.


Last night, Stewart excerpted some of the rough-and-tumble parliamentary questioning of Prime Minister David Cameron, or, as he called him, “England’s second most powerful man.”

“That’s your C-Span?” Stewart asked.

“England is awesome!” he exclaimed.

Stewart was especially impressed that the world gets to see “the Prime Minister of England down in the pit taking on all comers.”

“Here’s what’s sad. We fought so hard to leave Britain, because of their unaccountable imperial leadership,” the Daily Show comedian said.  “And now look at us.”

“You know what we gotta do in this country?” asked Stewart. “Start drinking some mother******* tea and eat some mother******* finger sandwiches.”

Take a look:

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By Paul Hechinger