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Jessie J

Everyone’s seen bad tattoos, right? The ones where the artist can’t draw, the ones where the fancy gothic lettering is perfect, but there’s a grocer’s apostrophe in there which changes the meaning, and worst of all, the ones where the words are spelled wrong. And it’s there for life, or at least until you can afford to have it lasered off.

So, show a little pity for Jessie J, Britain’s brightest pop hope (but only in the shiny sense of the word). Having decided that the lyrics to her song “Who You Are” really spoke to her sense of self, she decided to have them tattooed on her hip. But when it came to handing over the words to the tattooist, disaster struck.

She told Q magazine: “I wrote it out wrong. It says, ‘Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars.’ Loose, not lose. My fault.

“My mum cried! Typical me. It’s not perfect but that’s what I’m about.”

Illiteracy? THAT’S what you’re about?

What’s the worst tattoo you’ve seen? Tell us here.

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By Fraser McAlpine