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The Sixth Doctor

Let’s pause a moment to recap. The First Doctor dressed like an Edwardian patriarch, the Second Doctor was a clown, the Third Doctor a dandy, the Fourth Doctor looked like an eccentric Lord (with a constantly cold neck) and the Fifth Doctor was a cricketer.

What does that make the Sixth Doctor? A cushion? A rag doll?

It’s fair to say that if you are considering attending a social function, such as Comic-Con, dressed as Colin Baker’s Doctor, you won’t be able to the constituent parts of his outfit in a thrift store, unless someone has kindly donated a Sixth Doctor outfit they no longer want, or you’re looking for fabric. There will probably need to be some sewing in order to achieve that dazzling coat of many colours. And it’s not as if yellow stripey pants are easy to come by either.

For better or worse, the Sixth Doctor invented his own look based on the same traditional clothing as his predecessors, but made out of entirely different materials. So let’s have a look at him, and see what we can do:

 1: Hair – well if you’ve still got your Third Doctor/Fourth Doctor curly wig, and it’ll stand another dye-job, now’s the time to go dark blonde. You won’t need your Fourth Doctor fake sideburns any more though. But yes, it’s the same hairdo, just a different color.

2: Shirt – another white shirt with question marks on the collar. Clearly travelling around in a blue police box and calling yourself the Doctor isn’t enough identification for some Timelords.

3: Tie –Another long and stringy affair. Or just a massive silk handkerchief hanging from his collar. In any case, you’ll need something turquoise and polka-dotted, and lots of it. The Sixth Doctor does not think bow ties are cool.

4: Waistcoat – Just about the only conservative item in this cavalcade of brightness, and as such, not the most important item in the list. Any deep burgundy patterned waistcoat with blue mother-of-pearl buttons will do nicely. But if you can stretch to a red plaid one with teddy bear buttons, well why not?

5: Jacket – well this is the toughie, isn’t it? You’re going to need to get A Sixth Doctor coat, either made specially or bought specially or you can make it yourself from any decent collection of dog blankets. Don’t forget the cat brooch on the pink lapel. And again, it’s a frock coat.

6: Pants – slightly baggy, yellow and with a black pinstripe. These might seem a daunting thing to track down at first glance, but don’t lose heart. The internet is a very strange place. These will end slightly high on the ankle, all the better to show off those shoes.

7: Shoes – British racing green leather shoes/boots with a white rubber sole. The reason it’s hard to tell if they’re shoes or boots is because they’re covered with red spats. Yes, spats! Yes, red.

Then all you need is a multi-colored umbrella, and to carry yourself in a sufficiently haughty manner. And you can congratulate yourself that you definitely won’t get run over, dressed like that.

Here he is, lurking in someone else’s TARDIS. Is that a quotation mark brooch?

Coming soon: How to dress like the Seventh Doctor

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By Fraser McAlpine