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Dominic Cooper in 'The Devil's Double'

Today’s riddle: How can Dominic Cooper appear in three roles in two movies in one month?

Answer: He plays dual roles in one of the movies, The Devil’s Double, and does it brilliantly.

Cooper, the fast-rising British star, already popped up last week as inventor Howard Stark (father of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man) in Captain America: The First Avenger. The comic book flick scored a number one opening at the box office, grossing $65 million.

This Friday, the 33-year-old actor comes out with full guns blazing, literally, as he plays two roles in The Devil’s Double, a true life drama set in Iraq before the current war.

In Double, he portrays both Uday Hussein, the sadistic playboy son of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, and Latif Yahia, a look-alike hired by Uday to appear as his double. The movie tells how Yahia quickly becomes disenchanted with Uday’s capricious and brutal ways.

The film, which had its premiere last winter at the Sundance Film Festival, offers Cooper a tour de force acting opportunity. He more than takes advantage of it, developing a distinct personalitiy for each man.

Double also marks the first movie that Cooper carries solo on his own broad shoulders, having previously served as a supporting actor or in an ensemble cast in Starter for 10, The History Boys, The Duchess, An Education, Mamma Mia! and Tamara Drewe.

Let’s hope there are many more to come.


Cooper discusses The Devil’s Double and Captain America at the L.A. premiere for the latter movie:

Cooper attempts to rescue actress Rosamund Pike at an awkward, yet funny, moment during this year’s BAFTA awards:


What’s your favorite Dominic Cooper performance?


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By Leah Rozen