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Joanna Lumley in Absolutely Fabulous

Hey there, little friend, why so sad? Is it because you’ve seen all of the episodes of Absolutely Fabulous that you can possibly see, including the French and Saunders sketch, which started the whole thing off, and now you’re wondering if you’ll ever get to watch Edina and Patsy weave their way through London’s media circus ever again?

Well dry those tears; we’ve got some good news. There WILL be more AbFab, and it’s coming before the end of the year.

Joanna Lumley has revealed that two pre-Christmas specials have been commissioned, plus an extra show, which will go out around the time of the London Olympics, next summer.

Joanna told the Express: “I’m so excited for old Patsy to come back. It’s thrilling. We’re doing three episodes, two out before Christmas and one before the Olympics.”

But what on Earth could happen to our hapless duo? What fresh wonders will transpire? Oh.

“I wish I could tell you more but I don’t know what will be in store for us – Jennifer Saunders hasn’t even written them yet.”

Any ideas for plotlines? Tell us here.

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By Fraser McAlpine