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Ricky Gervais

In an entertaining Q&A with the London tech news website ElectricPig, we learn that Ricky Gervais is one of us when it comes to technology. For example, he’d rather not read the instruction manual when figuring out a new device. We don’t either. He also ponders how in the hell this world existed without cell phones. Ah yes, we’ve been there, too.

The British comic admits that while he’s “in awe of technology,” he doesn’t consider himself a big expert. “In one respect I have to call an assistant to turn the telly on, but in another I’m a gadget guru,” Gervais said. “I just love them, and I fit into the 80/20 thing, namely that I’m one of the 80% who uses only 20% of what an iPod, iMac, iPad, iPhone is for.”

He added: “Technology is great for many reasons – progress should be embraced. It unifies the world. Plus, thanks to texting, you don’t even have to talk to people when you want to do an awkward blow-out…”

I have several tech savvy friends who’ve amassed quite the computer collection over the years. Some are even proud to still have their Apple II C up and running (somewhat). Gervais confesses that he’s a bit of a collector and hails the ol’ powerful computer for its almighty influence.

“In my room, I have a pile of iMacs that resembles a computer graveyard,” he explained. “I mean, it’s crazy what they can do when you consider that the computer that put man on the moon was the size of a room and had the power of a calculator! There’s nothing that has moved technology forward so exponentially as the computer. In a very short time – 50 years maybe – the world, civilization, has changed. And when you consider that only 1% of people in Africa have got a computer, we’ve not reached the ceiling by any means.”

And while a ginormous bunch of us enjoys communicating through 140-word posts via Twitter, Gervais’s not sure what to make of it. Actually, he thinks it’s “the modern equivalent of graffiti on a toilet wall.” Um, he has a point.

“[Twitter] is ‘out there,’ Gervais professed. “It’s not like dealing with the press – you know who they are; they’re not anonymous. Nowadays with forums and Twitter, it’s like graffiti – it’s like walking round finding your name on every toilet wall. It seems weird.”

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By MacKenzie Wilson