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Yeah, yeah Bono, we know you and U2 have some things to do at Glastonbury on Friday (June 24), but your some of your neighbors back home in Dublin surely don’t care.

What they do care about is that one of your prized peacocks is terrorizing their lawns!

According to the Irish Independent, a pesky peahen is wandering into other people’s yards in south Dublin’s Killiney neighborhood, and screeching and pooing to its heart’s content.

Susan McKeon told the paper that the exotic bird moseyed into her front garden on Monday (June 20). She called the police shortly thereafter, inquiring how she might be go about getting it out of her yard.

McKeon explained: “They said, ‘Oh for God’s sake, it’s Bono’s’, and I said, ‘What will I do with it?’ and they said, ‘I don’t know, you can do what you want with it.’ I replied, ‘Well, supposing I kill it and put it in the oven?’ and he actually said, ‘I don’t care.’ He said to me that they had put too many man-hours into Bono’s peacock.”

Pauline McSweeney, who also lives in the area, said that the peahen stopped by her yard for a two-day stay prior to leaving a “lovely message” (use your imagination) on a patch of grass next door. From there, she reached out to the conservation group, BirdWatch Ireland, about the issue, but they too said it was a matter for the police.

“They (the gardai) had already received a few calls about it and they reckoned it belonged to Bono and that he had received a pair as a present,” McSweeney stated.

Oh Bono, instead of trying to save the world, why don’t ya save your pet bird!

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By MacKenzie Wilson