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We’ve done the five great British things Americans ruined. And the the five British celebrity couples we love. Like most of you out there in the cyberverse, we here at Anglophenia are truly addicted to lists. Here’s a roundup of our very best ones:

Five Great British Drummers

Five American Things The British Would’ve Spoiled (Had They Won The Revolutionary War)

Five Great British Voice Performances in Animated Movies

29 Reasons to Love Prince William

Five Great Performances from Glastonbury 2011

Five Great British Rock Memoirs

Five Fetching British Blondes We Love

Five Great British Comedy Double Acts

Five ‘Secretly British’ Stars of the Silver Screen

Five Fast-Rising British Bad Guys

Five Spellbinding Glastonbury Performances

Lost in Translation: Five British Showbiz Icons Americans Adore

Five Great British TV Shows Where The Location Is The Star

Five Ravishing Redheaded Brits We Love

Rolling In The ‘Rolling In The Deep’: Five Adele Covers

Five British Champions Of Children’s Literature

Lost In Translation: Five British Things Americans Don’t Understand

Five Great British Gentleman Singers

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Underachievers The British Adore

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Icons The Brits Don’t Understand

Five Great Inventive British Guitar Heroes

Five Strong UK Regional Accents That DID Succeed In America

Five British Celebrity Couples We Love

Five Great American Things The British Improved

Five Great British Things The Americans Improved

Five Great American Things The British Ruined

Five Great British Things The Americans Ruined

Five Unhealthy British Recipes For Jamie Oliver

Hats Off To Oprah: Five British Celebrity Farewells

Five British Husbands And Their American Wives

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.