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When it comes to redheads, we certainly like to steer clear of some of the strange conspiracy theories floating around out there. Especially the one that suggests that they’re alien-human hybrids. WTF? Anyhow, when it comes to the slew of celebrity Brits blessed with stunning ginger locks, we blush just a little. So let’s shed the spotlight on some our favorites, shall we?

Benedict Cumberbatch: We’ve seen the BAFTA-nominated actor‘s curly tresses in a shade of colors, most notably brown on Sherlock. But from time to time, we’re reminded that he’s a true ginger. And certainly one of the best-looking too. Here’s a look at Cumberbatch, in all his redhead glory, last fall when he took over hosting duties for BBC One’s comedy quiz show, Have I Got News for You.

Karen Gillan: Our debut redhead list would not complete without our dear Amelia Jessica Pond. The girl has some of the best Pantene-looking hair (and thick too!) in the biz. But in a press interview with Metro earlier this spring, the Doctor Who star admitted that back in the day kids were pretty cruel to her because of her red hair. Blasphemy! Gillan’s tousled look seen on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in April (which will air again on June 16) was red-hot.

Elly Jackson: The La Roux frontwoman’s ultra-famous quiff might just rival Morrissey‘s signature do. There’s just nothing like it. We’re absolutely thrilled that she didn’t cut it off, too. Last spring, she almost went that route after confessing that she’d grown tired of it. And here’s a bit of trivia for you: La Roux’s namesake is French for “red-haired one.” Below, Elly goes by the way of Elvis Presley in a stripped down performance of La Roux’s electro-pop hit, “Bulletproof.”

Damian Lewis: Most Americans will recognize the London-born thespian from the short-lived NBC drama, Life. C’mon now, we know some of you out there fell for Detective Charlie Crews’ charming ways. Or perhaps you picked out the dapper ginger when he appeared in Band of Brothers? Thankfully this fall, we’ll see the Golden Globe nominee again when he stars as Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in Showtime’s Homeland. Here’s a teaser:

Prince Harry: Prince William‘s younger brother is one of several royal redheads (King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Princess Beatrice). And whether he’s showing off his athletic prowess on the polo field or dressed in tails and a top hat for the latest royal engagement, the handsome 26-year-old prince is by far one of our most favorite gingers. The guy was also lookin’ mighty fine when he donned some serious winter attire during his Walking with the Wounded charity mission in the Arctic in April (watch below). Hell, even Adele, a self-proclaimed anti-ginge fan, wants him.

P.S… If your favorite British ginger didn’t make the cut, don’t worry. We’re sure to feature another fantastic group of crimson-headed babes sometime later on.

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By MacKenzie Wilson