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As we patiently await Radiohead to map out a North American tour (fingers crossed!) in support of their eighth studio album, The King of Limbs, The BBC reveals that the band will perform the eight-song set in full for an upcoming TV concert for the network.

No audience or a presenter will be on hand when the 55-minute Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement show airs on July 1. We’re guessing the concert will feature lots of tinkering around with various knobs and computer buttons. Maybe Thom Yorke will bust out some of those spastic dance moves seen in the “Lotus Flower” video? Let’s hope so.

In other music news:

Ellie Goulding landed THE dream gig when she performed for Prince William and his lovely new bride, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge during their big post-wedding bash last Friday (April 29). The “Starry Eyed” chanteuse, who got the party started with tunes by the likes of The Killers and Stevie Wonder, was extremely touched to be involved. She said: “It was an amazing honor to be asked by Kate and William to perform at their party. The atmosphere was incredible and it is a night I will never forget.” Lucky girl! (The Daily Telegraph)

• When Scottish music mogul Alan McGee first met Oasis 20 years ago, in a drug-fueled haze he mistakenly took Liam Gallagher for the band’s drug dealer. “I was up in Glasgow seeing my dad and I wasn’t sure I’d even go to the gig. I got there early by mistake. Oasis were on first, before most people arrived. There was this amazing young version of Paul Weller sat there in a light blue Adidas tracksuit. I assumed he was the drug dealer and that Bonehead, the guitarist, was the singer.” (The Sun)

• You gotta love it when Morrissey speaks his mind. But when he recently sat down with BBC Radio 2‘s Dermot O’Leary, the Moz was seemingly a little annoyed. The “royal dreading” was, of course, was not off limits. But the ex-Smiths frontman has since apologized for his remarks. “I’m sorry I made the Detergent O Leary radio interview so difficult but I was in a foul mood, having spent a full week surrounded by the royal dreading… During the week of the royal dreading, Poly Styrene died. Having made an enormous contribution to British art and sound – at a desperate time when so many of us needed her, Poly Styrene’s death was all but ignored by the British television news media, who instead rained hours and hours of blubbering praise onto Kate Middleton – a woman about whom nothing is known on a personal level.” (True to You)

• As we previously told ya, Blur‘s Alex James will open his Oxfordshire farm for the four-day Harvest Festival this September. The rambunctious post-punk outfit The Futureheads have now been added to the bill. BBC Radio personalities Jo Whiley and Gilles Peterson will also be manning the decks while patrons partake in some of the UK’s finest foods. (STV TV)

• After a 15-year break, Adam Ant is back on the UK stage, feeling better than ever. And it sounds like there may be plans to get Adam and the Ants back together for a proper hoo-ha. “I’ll be reviving the band in a couple of years,” Ant says. “Some of the Prince Charming line-up will be back — if they can make it through boot camp, as I’m a hard taskmaster.” Ant also reveals that his autobiographical screenplay is coming together quite nicely. Now if he could only get Jude Law or Tom Hardy to don some face paint and a ruffled pirate shirt for the role. (News of the World)

• English punk-folkie Frank Turner considers himself “a bit of a history geek.” His forthcoming fourth album England Keep My Bones (out via Epitaph on June 7) touches upon select historical moments, and the new song “English Curse” explores the theory behind King William II‘s death. (Public Radio International’s The World)

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By MacKenzie Wilson