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Michael Fassbender

James Bond. That name still has a ring like no other. And there’s only six (so far) actors who have been blessed to portray the fictional British spy during its nearly 50-year run on the silver screen.

With Bond 23 slated for a 2012 release, rumors are starting to swirl over who might step into 007’s shoes once Daniel Craig departs. One name that keeps coming up is Michael Fassbender.

The Irish-bred actor, who we’ll see as Magneto in this summer’s X-Men: First Class, hasn’t been asked… that we know of. However, his First Class director Matthew Vaughn is apparently all for it. But Fassbender isn’t entertaining the idea just yet, as he has plenty of other films in the pipeline, including this year’s Haywire and A Dangerous Method. And besides, he has a massive blockbuster coming up in just over a week.

“Listen – I grew up with James Bond, it would be an amazing experience,” the former Hex star told The Metro. “At the moment, as I say, those kind of things… I try sort of and deal with one film at a time.”

He added: “I think Daniel [Craig] is doing a fantastic job, he would have been my choice for Bond when they were looking for a new one. I think he’s a brilliant actor, I saw him in Love Is The Devil many years ago and I was blown away by him. So, you know, we’ll see – I’ll take everything as it comes.”

Would you like to see Michael Fassbender play James Bond?

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By MacKenzie Wilson