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Ian McCulloch

When it comes to playing stateside, Echo and the Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch can’t get enough. In fact, today’s (May 5) birthday boy recently told SoundSpike that this side of the Atlantic is bit more sexy than his native Britain.

“I don’t like to say this because some of those Britons may misunderstand or take offense,” McCulloch explained. “It always seems to be the place where our music seems liked. It didn’t always feel that way except maybe early on. I liked the New Yorks and the Chicagos. I always felt strange and very homesick on the West Coast. But then it seemed like after a few years, the more times you see those massive skies and the balmy heat, it kind of fits in. It feels that more of the sexiness comes out in the songs, which I think it’s fair to say America’s probably a sexier country than Britain or than England. But we speak properly.”

He added: “The names of the cities — Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York — they just sound fantastic. Just the size of it, it’s so massive but you don’t see the details of each place on tour. You pick up on the overall vibe of the city. I felt that the first tour we played. I felt each city has its own unique vibe, whereas Leeds doesn’t seem that much different than Sheffield.”

The band’s latest North American jaunt, which will see the Liverpudlian post-punkers
performing their first two epic LPs, 1980’s Crocodiles and 1981’s Heaven Up Here, starts tonight in Atlanta.

Here’s a look at the Bunnymen’s 1983 Rockpalast performance of the Heaven Up Here standout, “Over the Wall.” Enjoy!

Do you agree with Ian McCulloch? Is the U.S. sexier than the UK? Tell us here.

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By MacKenzie Wilson