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James Blunt

If your answer is yes, you best not be a celebrity. James Blunt might just kick you out of the sack, and probably for a sizable bag of chips.

Actually, the English chart-topping songster is much nicer in his explanation. He just thinks that one should think twice before knocking boots with a hot shot superstar, as there is absolutely no guarantee of their between-the-sheets prowess.

“Just because someone is famous it doesn’t mean they will be a great shag,” he told The Sun.

Instead, Blunt goes on to suggest that paying it forward to some of the world’s more conventional heroes might work out better. “Aid workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, the military – people who save lives are who you should aim to sleep with,” he added. “Think of it as a reward for what they do for the world.”

Oh dear, this is just too much information, Mr. Blunt. I mean, uh, thanks for the tip, but maybe you should have a personal chat with some of those modest Coldplay fans.

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By MacKenzie Wilson