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Ewan McGregor in 'Beginners' Photo: Focus Features

Ewan McGregor hasn’t yet made up his mind if he’ll star in a forthcoming movie his mother is overseeing.

The 40-year-old British actor explains: “My mother is executive-producing a movie that’s being made in the Isle of Shetland, and it’s a Scottish story. She is putting a little bit of pressure on me to play one of the parts, but I haven’t told her whether I’m going to do it or not.”

Possibly holding him back are scheduling conflicts and concern that his stardom would eclipse his mother’s project.

He says, “It would be nice to work with her. Of course it would. It’s just a question of whether it’s going to fit in. Maybe she should make it without me, because otherwise it might become about me, and this is her thing.”

The Scottish actor has been in New York this week promoting Beginners, a new indie film out in early June. He plays a son whose father, portrayed by Christopher Plummer, comes out of the closet to fully embrace being a gay man at the age of 75.

The film is bittersweet because it shows both the father’s exuberance in the wake of coming out and then his decline through ill health. “I just thought it was a really interesting dilemma,” says McGregor. “There’s a man living his life, his full true life for the first time, but he’s also dying of cancer.”

Beginners is a partly autobiographical story from director Mike Mills, who brings authenticity and creative inventiveness to the work. Ewan McGregor is a big fan of the director. “It’s a unique-looking and feeling film made by a brilliant artist,” he says.

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By Tom Brook