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Does it still count as a plot spoiler if you tell someone what ISN’T going to happen in a drama? I surely hope not because, well, we’ve got some news. It appears that everyone’s favorite condiment-shaped despotic cyborg menace, the Daleks, won’t be attempting to take over the universe for a while. And it’s all Steven Moffat’s fault.

He explained to BBC News: “There’s a problem with the Daleks. They are the most famous of the Doctor’s adversaries and the most frequent, which means they are the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe.”

So he’s ordered that they be “rested” for a while, to give them a chance to come up with a new threat to universal order, one which might actually work this time. Or have a bit of time pottering in the garden and playing with their kids. Who knows, they might even develop a whole new outlook on life.

Oh and there’s good news for anyone who’s been enjoying that familiar churning sensation in their stomachs as the recent Who stories reach a peak and then the episode ends; cliffhangers are BACK, as Moffat also explained: “The only thing that was missing when Doctor Who came back this time was that there weren’t enough cliffhangers. Do you remember in the old days? The music crashing in just as the Doctor finds out… well, I love that. Plus it encourages the audience to come back. So we are bringing the cliffhanger back in force.”

• It seems like we should have a Doctor Who game for Nintendo, doesn’t it? Thanks to one talented Whovian via YouTube, we can now imagine what it might be like to have one, Super Nintendo-style. (Thanks Geekosystem for sharing!)

• When Zachary Smith from Somerset, England celebrated his fifth birthday recently, he received a present that many Whovians wish for: his very own full-scale TARDIS. His dad and grandfather built it, plus little Zachary got his own Matt Smith-inspired outfit, bow tie and all. Check out The Daily Mail for the super cool snaps.

• The Telegraph has put together a Top 10 of the best of the Doctor’s female companions, including Nyssa, Leela and even Peri Brown. We won’t give away who wins, but there is an astonishing picture of Jo Grant, so be warned.

The Daily Mail has a sneaky on-set picture of Karen Gillan playing the ’60s model Jean Shrimpton (for a new BBC Four drama), in which her dress is curiously tucked into something half-way up her leg. It is most odd.

Doctor Who executive producer Piers Wenger, who helped Moffat and Beth Willis bring in Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, is moving on to Film4, Digital Spy reports.

TARDIS cookies? Yes, we’d love some! (via Doctor Who Tumblr)

• It’s always a pleasure when you stumble upon some Doctor Who love when you least expect it. We came across this beauty at Myopic Books in Chicago over the weekend.

• It seems that the scandal almost nobody is calling “Tweedgate” is rolling on. Now the Scottish National Party has stepped into the fray, demanding to know why a Canadian company was asked by the BBC to manufacture replacement jackets for Matt Smith, for filming purposes. What’s fascinating is that the original jacket, which seemed to pass muster at the time, was apparently not real Harris Tweed either, coming as it did from a Savile Row tailor. (via CBC)

• Speaking of our current Time Lord, Matt and his longtime galpal Daisy Lowe once again prove they’re regular romantics… by doing a bit of grocery shopping.

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