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Alex Kingston as River Song

Matt Smith has hinted that the true story of River Song’s relationship with the Doctor is one which will finally get a telling during the next year, as their shared history starts to become more apparent from the Doctor’s perspective.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, he said: He said: “It does develop nicely and there are huge cliff-hangers throughout the coming series, there’s a great one at the end of episode seven which is a killer, and at the start of the next sort of season as it were, episode eight, we really do learn who she is.” (via Metro)

• And speaking of River Song, Den of Geek have put together a fantastic brief history of the longest running story-arcs in Who history, in which they say this of the enigmatic love interest and her true status in the Doctor’s life: “She could be his wife, or his murderer, or his good mate, or his dinner lady.”

And y’know what? She very probably is.

• The Den of Geek team also got to spend some time talking with Neil Gaiman about what it’s like to become a writer for the show. It’s a brilliant interview for Whovians, not least because he delves right back to the beginning of the show to talk about William Hartnell’s tenure as the first Doctor. And he says stuff like this: “I think my favorite moment of pure Doctor, and here I will actually give something away, there is a moment in the episode where everything has gone as wrong as it can possibly go, and the Doctor is talking to himself, and says “I don’t actually know what to do now.” And he says “That’s a new feeling.'”

And I thought, what I liked best about that line was that I could have given it to any of the 11 people who have played the Doctor. You can see Christopher Eccleston delivering that. You can see Patrick Troughton. Tom Baker. And they all would have delivered it differently, and it’s a line that’s pure Doctor.”

• FINALLY! Gaiman’s highly-anticipated episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” featuring Suranne Jones as the mysterious Idris, premieres at last this Saturday (May 14) at 9 pm ET on BBC America. SFX offers up 20 tasty treats on what’s to come (and spoiler free, too!) Two words: “PE Teacher.” In the meantime, let us all squeal over the mega-entertaining trailer below:

• Should you wish for another look at “The Doctor’s Wife,” head over to Digital Spy for more pre-episode snaps. Is Ms. Jones channeling Helena Bonham Carter or what?

• From Doctor Who to Doctor Faustus: The Stage reveals that Arthur Darvill has signed on to portray Mephistopheles in Christopher Marlowe‘s Elizabethan classic, Doctor Faustus. The play opens June 18 at Shakespeare’s Globe in Southwalk, London.

• “Off we go, guys!” Matt Smith ventures in to the labyrinths of Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time iPad/iPhone app. Have you downloaded yet? There’s tons of new downloadable goodies, plus fancy new levels with the Weeping Angels called “Angels in the Shadows.”

• When she and her co-star Matt Smith aren’t tinkering away inside the TARDIS, Karen Gillan reveals to The Daily Independent that she’s totally obsessed with YouTube. “I watch stuff on YouTube every night – that’s what I do in the hour that we have between filming and looking forward to our houmous and Nairn’s oatcakes,” she says. “That’s what Matt and I have in the evenings… it’s depressing.”

• Do you think Doctor Who is spookier than ever thanks to the addition of The Silence? Two fathers who also happen to be fervent fans battle over the show’s supposed fear factor via The Guardian. One suggests that “Doctor Who‘s great gift has been to introduce generations of kids to dread, with the safety net of knowing, first, that the Doctor and his assistants will prevail, one way or another; and second, that the fear will pass in less than an hour.” His opponent thinks otherwise, saying that the show “is too dark and convoluted” and that “there’s been too much doctorin’ of the Tardis by Steven Moffat and his writers since the eleventh doctor came aboard.” What do you think?

• One guy who’s especially pleased over the frightful Doctor Who storylines this season is current Time Lord Matt Smith. “I think it’s good for little children to be scared, it’s healthy, it’s the sort of thing you remember when you’re really little and you’re really frightened and you’re watching ‘Doctor Who’,” he recently told The List.

• Ever wondered how to blow up a Dalek so that it looks properly blown up? Allow Focus magazine to be your guide.

• Nevermind brown bagging your lunch. Grab the TARDIS Tin Tote instead. This sure-to-be collector’s item is only $12.99 (£7.94) and will be available for purchase a the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

• Wouldn’t it be cool to have a “Forget Button” so you could erase all of those cringe-worthy moments from your past? Better yet, how about a Perception Filter? Brush up on the Top 11 Technology bits and bobs courtesy of the eleventh doctor:

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