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“Never, in the history of Britain, have so many waited for a kiss between so few,” tweeted mikeysnewquest.

It turned out to be two kisses, but Mikey’s reworking of Winston Churchill got the sense of anticipation just right.

So here, through tweets from the UK, is an anatomy of a kiss.

The anticipation for a wedding kiss started way before Will and Kate made it to the balcony at Buckingham Palace.  Many people on Twitter, even many Britons, wondered why there was no kiss during the wedding ceremony itself.

isobelkho‎: WHAT, what happened to ‘you may kiss the bride’ and all that? They’re not too posh for a little kiss surely?

weswhite‎: What no kiss? Glad for them they kept something private.

Nope, Wes, because in this case, a kiss is not just a kiss. The fundamental rules don’t apply. Wedding fans were eagerly awaiting the smooch seen around the world.

JodieSmith4593‎: Now just waiting for their first kiss. Just imagine your wedding being this public.

martineofficial‎: Congrats to Will and Kate! Can’t wait for the kiss ~hope its not too polite! Feel like Kate wants to burst with happiness.. X

ILoveTheWanted6‎: Imagine knowing billions of people around the world are about to watch you kiss… Awkward #royalwedding

martinskog‎: Me and the wife are about to kiss at our window should you want to crowd and watch.

And then, a few minutes after the couple walked out onto the Buckingham Palace balcony, the long-awaited kiss finally happened.

VampsHaveLaws: omg, that wasn’t a kiss! I demand a redo!

Nigel_Pickover‎: Just fab, don’t they look happy and the kiss went down a treat.

jonday89‎: The most beautiful kiss I have ever seen.

3bedroom‎: I am waiting on a proper snog not that little kiss!

KishMYP‎: Encore! Have another kiss! They’re all blushing – how sweet

catcakebook‎: Seriously that was the kiss? Put some effort in people!

OscarAlexanderL‎: We want a longer kiss even though it was so cute!!!!

Then, a few minutes later, after urging from the crowd, Kate and William kissed again, as the RAF fly-past commenced.

OK_Magazine‎: Awww, kiss number 2 was so adorable! They’re SO CUTE!

deanpiper: “Shall we do another kiss, then,” says Wills. Too cute! Kate is blushing like mad.

PatricKielty‎: Ahhhh – sweet kiss. Now can we get on with the grabbing?

RicoHizon‎: The most awaited smack in the world was a knockout! There was even a second kiss! Encore!

__mokoko‎: the way she smiles after they kiss is genuinely the cutest thing ive ever seen.

JanineGardiner‎: Come on. Go for a third kiss. You know you wanna

1MattD‎: Oh dear, Wills and Kate have now pretty much turned into performing seals. Give her a kiss and they’ll give you a cheer

MissJulie25‎: Perfect kiss. Perfect day


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By Paul Hechinger