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Kate Middleton and Prince William

Because there’s so much anticipation building for tomorrow, and there are just so many people tweeting about the royal wedding, here’s a second installment of today’s UK Twitter Trends.

Mashable reports that “tweets about the Royal Wedding have quadrupled since the beginning of the month, averaging nearly 5,000 per hour over the last week and accelerating quickly in recent days.”

The technology website also reports: “Sentiment has been mixed; 46% of tweets are positive, 43% are neutral and 12% are negative.”

Not surprisingly, there are quite a number of tweets about how Twitter itself will work tomorrow. The company addressed those concerns the other day in, appropriately enough, a humorous tweet:

Twitter's Biz Stone at work.




twitterglobalpr: Rumours of Twitter needing extra servers for the Royal Wedding are greatly exaggerated. We only need one.

The picture shows company co-founder Biz Stone working on a server.

There were also initial reports that security officials in London had deployed systems that would prevent tweeting and other forms of wireless communication from Westminster Abbey itself.

Metropolitan Police have called such reports “rubbish” and “garbage.”

heartnewmedia: Twitter ban at the royal wedding? Tripe | Technically Incorrect – CNET News:

joobleblob‎: Turn on the News/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube: Royal Wedding All I want to hear is “Wedding announced.” “Wedding happened” or “Wedding’s off”

fatwhit5:‎ Lovin the feel good factor in the uk at the moment …bring on the royal wedding..#lovethiscountryman

From Khaled_Fahmy's flickr gallery.

khaledfahmy:‎ My album for today’s pics: The day before the Royal Wedding #RoyalWedding

MissVixi: Taking procrastination to a whole new level: Radio 1 Newsbeat’s royal wedding game: 🙂

CarolineChilds1:‎ I feel like I am getting married #RoyalWedding tomorrow I am that excited! X

caitlinmoran: I’m trying to think what sequence of events in my life would lead to me camping out all night to wave at a car #royalwedding

Kilduskland‎: There’s a #royalwedding tomorrow? Why didn’t anyone say?

Harrietbhere:‎ Kate Middleton has decided not to obey Prince William. I won’t either.

ajhmurray: Fair’s fair: Kate not promising to obey. William isn’t promising to hoover. All pretty normal.

AspiringKennedy's photo of the press stand, from Facebook.

aspiringkennedy: The press stands and campers facing the abbey. It’s a party here tonight! #royalwedding

Benfogle: As far as I can tell, all the US broadcasters are reporting on the wedding while the UK broadcasters are reporting on the US broadcasters??

ParamoreUK_IRE: Just heard an American reporter describe the #RoyalWedding as the ‘ultimate reality show’ umm…WHAT?! Only in America…

ged‎: There are reportedly 12000 journalists at the Royal Wedding. The entire African continent has perhaps 500 Western journalists at any time.

LauraBrunoMars:‎ Its tomorrow, the royal wedding & i just want to say to William & Kate thanks for giving me a day off! Much appreciated!

bbcnews_: AUDIO: ‘I’m sick to death of the royal wedding!’: A radio phone-in caller to BBC Three Counties Radio, Melvin

By the way, although our column focuses mainly on Twitter activity in the UK, if you’re interested in where comments about the royals originate, Mashable has some answers for you: 40 percent of royal-related tweets in English came from the U.S., while only 31 percent came from the UK.

Mashable also did a breakdown of where in the U.S. the tweets are coming from, offering this conclusion: “Interestingly, on a per capita basis, most tweets are originating from small American towns, such as New Haven, CT; Lubbock, TX; and Tulsa, OK, rather than big cities.”


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By Paul Hechinger