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Louise Bagshawe

MP Louise Bagshawe is trending on Twitter in the UK today because she’s just appeared on the BBC1 current events game show Have I Got News For You.

In addition to being a Conservative member of parliament for Corby in Northamptonshire, she is an author of many “chick lit” books, including Venus Envy (1998), A Kept Woman (2000) and When She Was Bad… (2001). Her more recent books all have one word titles, such as Desire (2010), Glitz (2008), and Glamour (2007).

Have I Got News For You is a humorous, topical game show in which panelists answer questions about news and current affairs.

Reaction to Bagshawe’s performance on the show appears to  fall mostly along political lines.

benitacooke: Louise Bagshawe embarrassed herself on #HIGNFY-I usually LOVE Tories looking stupid but that was SO painful! What a boring, unpleasant person

cloud9point1: I quite liked some of Louise Bagshawe’s novels but she was awful on #HIGNFY :S

mossop: If tories have any sense then Louise Bagshawe will never be allowed on tv again #HIGNFY

Sneyton: nice to see Louise Bagshawe doing what 60% of her constituents didn’t elect her to not do #HIGNFY

JohnTelford1972: Thought #Louise Bagshawe was pretty good on #hignfy. Why do so many dislike her? Because she’s a Tory?

Wengle‎: Louise Bagshawe was infuriating… She treated #hignfy like a party broadcast.

PopeLeo‎: All this hostility to the fragrant Louise Bagshawe. Let the scales fall from your eyes! She’s lovely! #HIGNFY

jameskillin: Nerr nerr let’s all tweet-pick on Louise Bagshawe, the Tory homegirl. Change tack, would you? She was always going to be the panto villain.

hofflimits‎: Louise Bagshawe: a professional author, yet completely misuses the word ‘literally’ and just said ‘less governments’ not fewer #HIGNIFY

yazmac:I love Louise Bagshawe books – I’m rather disappointed to find out she’s an MP – and by peoples tweets, a poor one at that #ignorancewasbliss



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By Paul Hechinger