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The Copa del Rey, seen here crushed under the wheels of Real Madrid's bus.

Poor Sergio Ramos is trending on Twitter in the UK today.

Ramos, a defender for the Real Madrid soccer team, was celebrating his city’s important win over Barcelona – a victory that brought with it the coveted Copa del Rey, or the King’s Cup. The team hadn’t won it in 18 years.

Ramos was with his teammates riding atop of the team’s open double-decker bus and holding the actual Copa itself.

But apparently not tightly enough.

Ramos dropped the cup, which was then run over by the bus.

Here’s what it looked like:

Ramos himself tried to see a humorous side to the mishap in his own tweet:

@SergioRamos: Buenos Dias a todos amig@s…!!!Lo de la copa fue un malentendido,no se cayo…salto ella cuando llego a Cibeles y vio tantos madridistas…

Roughly translated, it means: “Good morning to all my friends. It was a misunderstanding about the cup. It didn’t fall – it jumped out of my hands when it saw so many excited Madrid fans.”

Here’s what folks in the UK had to say:

sidlowe: Sergio Ramos dropped cup. Bus ran over it. Honestly.

paulambro: Oh my, tragic and hilarious at the same time!

CreamoUK‎: Sergio Ramos LOL!!! I thought it was Barcelona that let the Copa Cup slip through their fingers #fb

johnisherwood‎: Sergio Ramos you are an idiot. Well done for dropping the Kings Cup! At least when Milan Baros dropped CL cup he only dented it not broke it

HaychAllen‎: Even the best footballers make mistakes

Carpet_Doctor‎: Sergio ramos has said he wishes to sign for west brom as there is then no chance of him damaging any more trophies!

humza_lfc‎: The awkward moment when you give Sergio Ramos your baby #realmadrid #copadelrey #fail

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By Paul Hechinger