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The News of the World celebrity phone hacking scandal has been trending in the UK. Actress Sienna Miller says she won’t accept News International‘s apology and that she won’t drop her suit against the tabloid.

According to the Metro, Miller says she wants nothing less than “full disclosure” about what really happened: “Her primary concern is to discover the whole truth and for all those responsible to be held to account,” said Mark Thomson, the actress’s lawyer.

Meanwhile, lawyers for some of the other plaintiffs are charging that as many as 7,000 people may have been affected by the NotW‘s invasion of privacy.

marieclaireuk: Should more stars refuse to accept apology? Sienna Miller demands full disclosure in phone hacking scandal

leica0000‎ Were I one of those tapped by NotW I think I’d rather have the News Int’l chiefs admit in public “We’re lying sacks of slime” to compensation

ohcatherine: sienna miller is my number one favourite woman in the world.

stevegreer: Can we arrange for some kind of special BAFTA if Sienna Miller manages to cripple NOTW with an expensive and embarrassing courtcase?

stefanstern: Not normally a big Hugh Grant fan, but this was superb –

feministpirate‎ I imagine the transcript of Sienna Miller’s phonejacking to be her repeatedly heavy-breathing whalesong noises down the phone to no-one.

davidchivall: Dear @guardian I know she’s pretty and everything, but you don’t have to illustrate every phonehacking piece with a picture of Sienna Miller

fleetstreetfox: Dear Celebrities: we don’t need to hack your phones when your staff, friends and bodyguards hate you so much they ring us up ALL THE TIME.

MikeTheRelic‎ Someone left me a message that was nothing but strenuous coughing. I think the News of the World are hacking into my voicemail.


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By Paul Hechinger