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The 'Doctor Who' cast

Today’s post is a slight variation on our look at Twitter trends: given all the hoopla over Doctor Who — let’s just call it Doctor Whoopla — we thought we’d look at some of today’s tweets about the good Doctor.

Katy_Rose_x: The BBC said the Royal Wedding is the most anticipated event of April, phft yeah as if! Doctor Who’s coming back on, fools ;D

edgarwright‎: Is it weird to feel a swell of pride seeing a Doctor Who billboard on Sunset Boulevard, when I have had nothing to do with the show itself?

SimonHurst: I think the time has come to wheel out my doctor who hairstyle.

thelemonfairy: I want to watch the whole of the new series of Doctor Who NOW!! 🙁

With such excitement and anticipation comes the understandable need to know as much as possible about the upcoming season, but that curiosity is also accompanied by the dreaded fear of spoilers. Under the hashtag #fakeDWspoilers, spastasmagoria, a.k.a. Tammy Garrison, spun a few mock Whovian scenarios, and was then joined by others:

spastasmagoria:‎ The Doctor’s birth certificate is fake. He was not born on Gallifrey, but in Davenport, Iowa. #fakeDWspoilers

spastasmagoria:‎ In the series finale, after years of misunderstanding, the Doctor and the Daleks hug it out and have cake.

spastasmagoria:‎ Amy is keeping a secret from the Doctor… She never really liked his cooking. And his noodles? She hates those most of all.

MidnightRem:‎ This could actually be awesome. 🙂 RT @i_am_scifi The entire first episode is the Comedy Central Roast of The Doctor.

darkedragonfly: The Silence falls when Rory finally has enough and duct-tapes Amy’s mouth closed.

JWGWillis: River is an obese Noel Edmunds in the year 2055, who is imagining everything in a giant acid trip #surrealism #fakeDWspoilers

UndeadMedic: All of this pre-season speculation is to conceal the mid-season cliffhanger where The Doctor regenerates into Justin Bieber.

82DWfan: River turns out to be Rebecca Black and that’s why shes in StormCage #fakeDWspoilers

i_am_scifi: River Song is a later regeneration of The Doctor, proving that The Doctor can only love himself.


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By Paul Hechinger