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Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Further proof, if proof were needed, that Simon Cowell is not stupid: speculation around his choices for guest judges on the US version of the X Factor has continued to build, and yet nothing has either been confirmed or denied by the great man himself.

Oh sure, LA Reid — the only confirmed judge besides Simon so far — has told the press that Cheryl Cole will be on the judging panel, after finally winning over the show’s TV execs, and Simon himself has spoken warmly about Nicole Scherzinger and how he wants two female judges. But that’s hardly contractually binding stuff, is it?

And now Stevie Wonder has thrown his not-inconsiderable hat into the ring, claiming that he’d be an amazing judge, if given the chance. That’s right, Stevie Wonder wants the CHANCE to be a judge on the X Factor. That’s mindboggling.

He told the Mirror: “Simon should give me a buzz. I love X Factor and to be a judge would be great. Seeking out for new talent? I have an ear for it.”

Of course, all of this speculation has only intensified the chat about the UK X Factor, especially as Simon himself may not be appearing. So far, the hottest names are Lily Allen and Gary Barlow, but even UK stalwarts Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue don’t know for sure if they’re coming back (or aren’t telling), so once again, everyone is excitedly sharing that hallowed water-cooler moment about a show that hasn’t even started yet.

I tellya, if publicizing a TV show was playing the guitar, Simon Cowell would be Jimi Hendrix. Simple as.

What’s your wild-card choice for X Factor judge? Bob Dylan? Michael Moore? Tell us here.

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By Fraser McAlpine