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Portrait by official wedding photographer Mario Testino

The official royal wedding website has posted the wedding program and order of service. The 28-page booklet starts with William’s coat of arms on the front cover and closes with Kate’s on the back cover. Inside are details on the music, hymns and prayers that will be used during the ceremony.

Also included is a new close-up photo of William and Kate from their engagement announcement that looks like an ad for the American Dental Association.

In a nod to the late Princess Diana, the first hymn is “Guide me, O thou great Redeemer,” which was the last hymn at her 1997 funeral. Overall, the emphasis is on music from British composers. Prince Charles worked with Kate in making the selections.

“Catherine is very familiar with classical music. She had a lot of input from the Prince of Wales. They spent a lot of time listening to the music together on iPods,” a St James’s palace spokesman told The Daily Mail. “The theme of the whole wedding is Britishness, accentuating traditional forms and crafts.”

Kate will walk down the aisle to the anthem “I Was Glad” by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry from Psalm 122. It was composed for the coronation of Prince William’s great-great-great-grandfather Edward VII at Westminster Abbey in 1902. Downloading the program can be difficult for those with old browsers or slow machines. The Telegraph has published the Order of Service in full. The Mirror has recordings of the music.

In other royal wedding related news:

• Kate, Carole Middleton, Pippa Middleton, Prince Harry, bridesmaids and pageboys arrived at Westminster Abbey this morning (April 28) for a final rehearsal, according to The Telegraph. Yesterday evening (April 27), Kate, William and Harry had a 90-minute run-through that included the Very Rev. Dr. John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, who will conduct the ceremony. Also in attendance was James Middleton, Kate’s brother, who will give a reading during the service. Tueday night (April 26), William played a “rough-and-tumble” of five-a-side soccer in a London park, The Sun reports. He then mounted a high-performance motorcycle to return to Clarence House. William reportedly enjoys the bike because he wears a full-face helmet with tinted visor and can travel anonymously.

• Kate and William have selected rising UK pop star Ellie Goulding to perform at their wedding reception. Goulding, 24, is perhaps best known for her cover of Sir Elton John’s“Your Song,” which she will sing for the newlyweds. Goulding has traveled a long path to Buckingham Palace. She was raised in a housing project with “moth-eaten, flea-ridden furniture with holes in it,” she told The Daily Mail. Her father walked out when she was five, and left her mother, a supermarket cashier, to raise the couple’s four children. She recalls the television being repossessed while watching it with her brothers and sisters. “I was desperate to get out so I got really stuck in at school and tried my best to get a great education,” Goulding said. She sees herself as something of a role model. “I just want other girls and boys in my situation to know they can do something and they can break away from it like I did.”

Anna Fiddlmore with a slice of Queen Elizabeth's wedding cake.

• This one is past its sell-by date. A hospice worker has found a slice of cake from Queen Elizabeth’s 1947 wedding in a filing cabinet. The cake is “very well wrapped in cellophane” and is in a box decorated with the words: “Buckingham Palace 20thNovember 1947.” The card inside reads: “With the best wishes of Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh.” Anna Fiddlmore found the cake while  sorting out archives for the hospice’s 25th anniversary, according to The Daily Mail. Fiddlmore believes the cake was given to the hospice so it could be auctioned to raise funds. “It’s not much to look at,” she said, “and I certainly didn’t consider having a bite to see what it tasted like.”

• Among the people making last-minute wedding preparations are engineers at the National Grid, the UK’s electrical utility. They are expecting added demand of between 1200 and 1600 megawatts. Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981 took an additional 1800 megawatts, but appliances were less energy efficient then. Power operators must supply electricity quickly to meet demand. If necessary, the Grid can draw power from Scotland and Wales. Grid analysts estimate 400,000 electric tea kettles will be turned on after the kiss on the balcony. “Planning for major events like this is always fascinating – we get a real insight into the behavioral trends of the British public,” Andrew Richards, a Grid forecasting analyst, told The Telegraph.

• Bad news, Kate and William. Despite all the security, forecasts show you won’t survive an attack of … zombies. You’re just lucky the undead prefer nighttime raids.

Aerial view of zombies attacking the wedding.

The Wall Street Journal Europe links to a simulation by Class 3 Outbreak, the Google maps zombie game. The happy couple is on the steps of Westminster Abbey when the attack begins. Security, despite firing their weapons, is soon overwhelmed. The animation is great fun , but you need an up-to-date browser to take a look. Of course, you knew these people would show up – whether they were invited or not. They’re just like that.

Earlier this month, a Dutch tourist shot footage of three UFO’s hovering over Westminster Abbey. As if preparing for zombies isn’t enough, a UK UFO “expert” told The Sun: “I think it should be investigated if it’s feared it could be a threat to the royals.”

• And finally, for all those who think Prince Charles is too much of a stiff to keep up with the young ‘uns at tomorrow night’s party, take a look at this video clip unearthed by the Daily News showing the first-in-line to the throne breakdancing. He could teach the zombies and the aliens a thing or two.

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