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Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, wondering what you’ll do with your attention and your time once the final installment of the film franchise hits the cinema screens in July, do not fret. The film’s producers, David Heyman and David Barron, have revealed that there is enough behind-the-scenes footage to furnish seven full-length documentaries, one about the making of each film. And yes, that includes the first one, when Daniel Radcliffe was still tiny.

David Heyman told MTV News: “It was a very well-documented production. We had a crew filming behind the scenes for the entire production, which is unheard of — and that’s been for all the films. There is material, and we’ll see how it’s used. I’m sure Warner Bros. will package it in some form or another.”

The first of these will centre around the last of the films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for which the award-winning British documentary maker Morgan Matthews was brought in to follow the production around. Unusually for these type of things, he was given pretty free rein to film what he liked.

David explained: “He went behind the scenes and had incredible access to talent and crew and has made a documentary that is not yet complete, which shows the challenges of making the film — the tolls it takes on actors and crew.”

“It’s not just pure gloss and everybody’s happy. It’s real. At the same time, it’s really, really funny.”

Do you want to see how they make the films, or would that ruin the, ah, magic? Tell us here.

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By Fraser McAlpine