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St. George, displaying his essential Englishness

If you’re a tea-drinking supporter of the royal family, who knows how to stand in line and talks incessantly about the weather, then according to a new study, there’s only one thing you could be.


The Express reports that a public opinion research group has just done a survey of roughly 2000 Britons asking them to define Britishness.

And while people may quibble over whether it’s a scientifically accurate poll, here are some of the results:

· Sixty percent of those polled said tea drinking was a British attribute.

· The next most popular trait, according to those surveyed, was talking about the weather.

· Almost half of respondents said that knowing how to queue up, or get in line, properly, was an mark of being British.

· Thirty-two percent said that the truly British support the royal family.

· More than 25 percent thought that getting drunk while traveling abroad is something British people are known for.

· Sixty-one percent of the people in the survey identified themselves as English, yet less than half knew the day honoring St. George, the patron saint of England – and famous slayer of dragons – was on this past Saturday.

So how useful is this information?

Even the head of Opinium Research, the firm that did the survey, isn’t quite sure: “Our research has revealed that it’s hard to pin down what it means to be British,” says James Endersby, “It goes to show that Britishness is a complex mix of characteristics.”

So, what do you consider the most important traits of the British?


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By Paul Hechinger